PowerShell is King – Building a Reference Image Factory (v 3.2)

The Deployment Bunny

The Image Factory has been re-worked and updated. It also has moved to GitHub https://github.com/DeploymentBunny/ImageFactoryV3ForHyper-V/

Concept and flow

The idea is the same, we use MDT, create refimages task sequences that runs without any questions. A PowerShell script will grab all enabled Task Sequences in a specified folder, create a VM for each of them. Grab the Bios Serial number from each om them, update customsettings ini with that information, start the VM’s (number of concurrent VM’s determine how many VM’s can run at the same time, wait until all VM’s are done and finally removes all VM’s for a cleanup process. You can run the script as is (if you store it in C:SetupImageFactoryV3ForHyper-V on you MDT server), or you can open it in ISE and run section by section to see what happens.

The XML file (C:SetupImageFactoryV3ForHyper-VImageFactoryV3.xml)

Is a control file for settings, pretty straightforward, just make sure…

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